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Buster Bennett: Louise, you’ll always be remembered by me as one of the most charming and beauty full people I have met in London. Thanks for always coming to my nights and supporting them, thanks for making them special!

Barnaby Dale: from all of us in melbourne, RIP. we did not have you for long enough. Xole

M’doner Kebab in her element [HQ]
M’doner Kebab takes over The End with MC Gaff E and Louise Cattell as her back up dancer and singer. Ha !


Gaffy Gaffiero
Louise Cattell and Vanessa Abbott

Charlie Sachs
You sung this to me in my dreams last night. Love you Little Lou. X

Dusty Springfield – If My Friends Could See Me Now


Amber Quin:
no words can convey the feeling that I feel knowing you are gone. you are such an inspiration, a fireball of joy, life, energy, fun, kookiness, creativity and gorgeousness.
I am so sad.
I was standing beside you just the other week watching Giles giggling.
I still have txts on my phone from last week from you.
…lots of love to your family at this time. I am so sorry for you all
See you on the other side Lou Lou

Nathan Clutterbuck
The brightest stars burn half as long.
We’ll miss your little face beautiful lady x

Innes Reekie: Devastated to hear this awful news. We only knew each other a short while, but in that time, she proved to be such a smart, entertaining, ambitious girl. Full of fun, and a zest for life – she would brighten a room the moment she walked in – funny, articulate, oh, and all the rest! Louise had it in spades! God bless you, you wonderful thing. You’ll be sadly missed! xx

Jenny Ginfox: Little Lou. Your passion, charm and hedonism was infectious and always so delightful to be around. You’ll be missed so much. Big big love to all your family and friends. JGF x

Charlie Sachs: The sun is shining for you today Louise Cattell I can see your cheeky face smiling down at us. X

Shay Sarah Phibbs: When I first met Louise she was 16 and I couldn’t believe it, she was the youngest on the scene. But she stood out, with great uniqueness she always was open, genuine and sincere. Even though we didn’t know each other that well she always treated you like you were buddies, she’d always reply to my texts in a fun and enthusiastic way w…ith funny little stories about what she’d been up to and it always sounded outrageous living life to the full. One Halloween she came to my show and she looked incredible, totally original, I never forgot what she was wearing, her 1920’s hat (before everyone was wearing them) and a vintage ruche black dress. She was so ahead of her time I often used to go on her page looking at her amazing outfits for inspiration, she was the first to shave her head years ago! This is a tragic lesson for all of us but is absolutely heart wrenching to see that she was the one who had to teach us…

Please take care of yourselves everyone. R.I.P Little Lou…Xxx

Ché Zara Blomfield: Exactly. Louise, you are a fantastic lady, if anyone lived their lives like every day was their last it was you, its a tragedy to see you go so soon. My love goes out to your parents, they brought up a smiley and bright character in a grim city where we need more like you. Much love, I imagine you are on another journey now, Wizard of Oz like, still as fantastic as ever. xxx

Marie Evans: I think of you everytime I hear this song. I remember how much you loveeeed placebo. See you in the stars one day.. keep shining bright beautiful xXx

Placebo – Pure Morning

Kendall Martin: Louise, I’ve been trying to think of what I want to say for nearly the last 48 hours. I never imagined this happening, because you were always so full of life…sitting on my bed with Tabs after everyone ditched us on my hen night, or you beating everyone the other week to become the reigning Apples to Apples champion (a testament to your humour)…you are immortal through all the wonderful memories you’ve left with everyone. And as I always said, you’re my number one girl crush and always will be (I think Shabz was wrong–we all should’ve been girlfriends). You’ll never be forgotten x

Trigger Trotter: Louise, I find it hard to believe that your gone. I thank you for the years of giggles and fresh tights (holey moley)! I thank you for your support on NYE just gone, I thank you for (the incident) at the age of 15/16 that you helped me through by letting me spin in your CIRCLE ROOM!!! You will be truly, madly, deeply missed and you will never be gone from our thoughts! always xxxxxx

Aaron Clarke: You came into my life in a flash You left far too soon You’ll stay in my heart forever. ♥ xxx


Millie Cockton: A true friend is a rare bird, spread your wings and fly. ♥

Mischa Notcutt: I dont understand. I just saw you last week. Always was a highlight mucking around at shows and we always said we need too see each other more. Gutted i missed sharing more moments with u Louise. Beautiful Beautiful louise. x

Joel Downton: Dearest little Lou. I have never met anyone as charming or fun-loving as you. I remember first meeting you about 3 years ago while you and Kylie were DJing. I am so glad we met. I feel lucky to have known you and spent time with you. You will be missed so much. My thoughts are with all your family and friends. XXXXX

Betty Miller: Sweet little Louise, you truly were a beautiful person inside and out. One of the first people I met in London when you were just barely a teenager, a bright and lovely person. I had so much fun with you this summer at offset in our overcrowded tent. It is such a shock and a tragedy that you have been taken away from us. You will never be forgotten and my heart goes out to your friends and family. Rest in Peace. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rhiannon Carr: Little Louise… There are no words for how sad and tragic this is. You were a truly lovely and amazing person…I will always remember domino day and that mad song about the elements you used to play. Rest in Peace. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Robyn Coles: I can only be glad to have known such a crazy, wonderful, beautiful, kind spirit. The love and light of little louise is far too strong to be extinguished and I shall remember you always. May we ALL continue to share the love and fun that you put into our lives. Thoughts and love are with your family xxx

Lolly Achille: ‎’A heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others’
I remember when I met you. You were a cute, smily, bubbly little punk of 15 at a house party in east London. Little Louise. But at that point I didn’t know a big one! I loved you instantly. It was truly amazing to know you. I’m so very sad to hear you’r…e gone. Xxxxxxx

Shaun Bass: R.I.P louise, the world seems less fun without you around.x

Sisi Cronin: louise, you were a beautiful person and I have so many beautiful memories with you. RIP. my heart goes out to everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. you will be truly missed xxxxx

Irene Park: Louise’s mum and dad
I am soo glad I had the pleasure of meeting your beautiful daughter i cannot understand how you must be feeling and i hope i never will. You have both created one of the most beautiful people I have ever come across in my life. Such a beautiful spirit she will always be with us. Forever in my thoughts Irene (Cara’s… mum)

Stephen Paul Basford: Louise was such a sweet, lovely girl. My heart goes out to her friends and family.

Hannah Farr: You were one of the first people I met when I started coming down here when I was fifteen, looking back I can’t imagine a way that those days could have been better. I can’t put into words what a tragedy this is and nobody will forget, but you’ll be remembered for what you were, a wonderful, beautiful girl who always made things an adventure xx

Chris Murdoch: louise was a sweetheart with an infectious personality and a smile that lit up the room r.i.p louise x

Kia Helena Ure-Reid: I havent the words to express the sadness in this loss, such an amazing vibrant soul who will never be forgotten xxx

Charleigh Blue: Such an amazing soul. The best friend anyone could dream of.
I’ll be thinking of you always. I have so much to say but I can’t find the words. Domino day will from this day forth be Louise Cattell day for me. All my love forever. Xxxx

Laura Campbell: At the time when I lived in Bristol and would come to London almost every weekend it was you who always had a bed for me, we would raid eachothers clothes, shoes (still have the shoes you borrowed and broke lol ill always keep them), dress up, sing and dance before going out. I remember lush lunches from your mum, when you boughta tee…ny tiny sewing machine for a tenner that didnt work! but was determend to make t shirts, flyering for the queens of noise and throwing them in the bin favouring getting mashed instead! and when i got completely polaxed and was carried back to your house by dodger and ben she looked after me! you always did back then.
such a great head on your shoulders, always went your own way and never afraid of what people might think. A true friend to so so many people im absolutly gutted but i will never forget those party weekends we had and the kindness you showed me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx one in a million

Shabz S: only just managing to write this message as its too hard to say goodbye….my hulu hooping…italo disco queen…my curry cooking partner….so many adventures with you little lou…always there for everyone – most loving, intelligent, happy go lucky person i know…i will always remember the good times because there were only good ti…mes with you….i love you so much and always will…..condolences and love to your family…
heres a song for you – that i KNOW you love…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s sorry for cheating on you with kendall – you always be my girlfriend xxxxxxxxx love you xxxxxxxx

Cara Park: A hole has been torn in the depths of my soul, my partner in grime has gone, never have I met such an open minded, powerful, loyal, intelligent and sensiitve individual as our ‘Little Louise’. I loved you so much from the day we met and will continue to do so forever xxxx

Melany Rose: louise, this is so very sad. pure filth forever. xx

Max Gleeson: Louise’s family.
At this extremely difficult time, my words are never going to be enough, but as you can see from this wall, your daughter and sister was an incredible human being. She gave the world so much love, life, spirit, soul, strength, fierceness… the list is endless. Just know that she will never be forgotten. And I expect we …have all risen our glasses in the past 24 hours to your beautiful girl and will carry on doing so.

All of our love goes out to you at this time. x

Max Gleeson: Louise.
For the time you had here, you lived for the moment. I cant remember a time where you weren’t the life and soul of the party. Dressing up like fools. WORKING our looks. Letting it all hang out. The nights that we crashed at your parents. The mornings where we would wake up and watch shitty films in that cool little room. You al…ways had so much energy for Rory and myself. A little gang of weird party soldiers. I can say I have had some of the best times with you. I am so sorry that this has happened. But also extremely disappointed that i cant get that tit tape from you. Damn. As life goes on, your going to be there in all of our minds and hearts. The times when that voice inside tells me that i cant wear that sheer blouse with black electrical tape over my nips, i will think of you and FUCKING DO IT. I love you soo much! never forget! x

Edward Sleigh: Heartbreaking & unreal x

Rene Symonds: So unbelievably sad. Remember many a fun time.

Yasmin Zaide Everley-Blount: R.I.P. Louise. No one could ever forget you! xxx

Henna Kivinen: The first time I met you was in a party at Tom’s house. I was nursing a broken heart and you made me feel happy about life again. You did a cart wheel in the tiny kitchen. I thought you were crazy. We seemed like such an unlikely pair to become friends, I was slightly reserved- you were everything but. That’s the thing about you, alwa…ys so genuine and loving to everyone. I never had hesitations with you, it was so easy to talk to you, it was never SMALL talk. You just came into my life like a hurricane. In my memories it always seems like it was summer when we were together. I know it wasn’t but with you the sun was always shining, you actually had that effect on weather! And we were always laughing. I wish I could have spent more time with you. xxxxxxx Henna

Biz Denton: so sad to hear this 🙁 remember so well when i first met you in the crew tent at reading 2006 🙂 great times sweetheart! you were and always will be a little legend lou!!!! xxx

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