Memorial Tributes

Lots of messages on Facebook around the Memorial on 21 June.

Rachel Spink: I wish I could be at the memorial gathering in London today Lou Lou. I developed some film the other week and found this picture of us at “The Schneider’s”… sitting on the couch in our swimmers, smoking, listening to music and talking about nothing. What we did every afternoon. I miss you so much and hope you’re happy wherever you are x

Daisy Fairchild: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox time a million xxxx

Trigger Trotter: louise you would have been so proud of us! we love you and miss you all the world and more! Xx

Tamsin Both: A beautiful day to remember our dear Louise and how much we loved her xxx

Jemma Japhet: Louise Cattell you are missed so much xx

Daisy Fairchild: Louise Cattell. I love you !!!

Laura Campbell: Whenever I feel angry, sad, ungrateful, impatient basically anything negative I think of lou and how she would turn it around and she still does because thinking of her gives me the power to think positive and just enjoy life! “Enjoy yourself enjoy yourself it’s later than you think” thank you lou for being in my life xxxx

Gaffy Gaffiero: Today was a really beautiful thing. Well done everyone. we really gave louise the tribute she deserved. X

Then after the memorial the tributes started flowing. I wrote:

Thank you everyone for yesterday just for being there, to the performers Cara Park, Nathan French, Gaffy Gaffiero, Dion Troubadour Power, Dan and his trumpet, the hula girls, Tim Arnold, and Zachery Stephenson; for your donations and contributions from the floor; for your support and love through this difficult time. Sorry that though Lou brought us sunshine, the wind was too strong for the lanterns and the teelights are still in my bag. As Zak said, she would have been in the Edinburgh Castle and not being swept away on Primrose Hill…there is always another time. We will do the ashes maybe on winter evening when its dark! We will be posting photos and film on the website soon for those who could not be there. Loulou we miss you – love always and forever.

Zachery Stephenson: Fantastic memorial to Louise today. Now to raise another glass to Louise. X

Shola Aleje: Beautiful memorial service to dear Louise – now hula hooping unsuccessfully

Dot Remkowska: Dear Lil Lou….. Weather has been awful for more then a week…. But today you send us the sunshine….. and you always been a sunshine in my life xxxx

Jeff Leach: will spend today thinking about @Louise Cattell and her amazing life…

Dot Remowska: The Memorial was beautiful….. Your parents and Tommy are amazing. We all miss you very very much……..I actually got up and shared with everyone story about my birthday and your boob lol I’m sorry it had to be done also your mum knows you weren’t the vegetarian……yes she knows about bacon baguettes. Love you so much xxxxxxxx

Charlie Sachs She was also partial to a Mcdonald chicken nugget 😉

Dot Remkowska oh yes and she had the loyalty card…

Daz Ahern: I didnt know you had kept some fucking ace photos from my birthday many moons ago, and one of the b plans last gig (with my beloved 1966 Gibson ES330 guitar in prime shot!)… both had bluetack on too… Miss ya littlan x

Zachery Stephenson: I met your grandfather. He’s so cool. I was calling him Sir and he basically told me to fuck off and call him Bill. By the way, your Mao Tse-Tung watch suddenly started working yesterday. X

Charlie Sachs: I miss you so much it hurts little lou. X

Samira Osman A wonderful and truly memorable tribute, Vicky. It was overwhelming to see how many lives Louise had touched so deeply. xxx

Sue Cullinan It was very moving Vicky, and a lot of fun! I forgot the bag of sweetpeas in the hall. But your sweetpea will always be with you xx

Meredith Bell It was a lovely evening and a reminder of what a wonderful person she was, and how loved she is.

Urania Brown Beautiful, moving tribute. It was perfect. Xxx

Zachery Stephenson: This cat is named after you! It’s Bobby Needs’s.

Bobby Needs Glad to have been there & met just some of the people who were lucky enough to have not only know but to have had such a beautiful girl grace their lives….Here’s to Lou!!!xxx

Zachery Stephenson I have played hundreds of gigs to many thousands of people but I have never been so nervous as when I went up yesterday. Glad people have been nice and said I was ok because I definitely didn’t feel it.
Fantastic day though.
Thank you so much Vicky Unwin, Ross and Tommy Cattell. X

Dion Troubadour Power It was a lovely day and i’m proud to have again been part of it, so thanks to you.

Rainbow Claire it was a beautiful day and a brilliant tribute to little lu xx

Bonnie Fogel what a wonderful event – and so pleased to be able to share it and learn more about Louise… what an extraordinary young woman. x

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