Memorial photos

Lots of folks come to lunch then we head over to Cecil Sharpe House for the memorial celebration. Photos from Zac, Dot and Zia


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  1. This is a message to the Cattell family. I didn’t know Louise, but I have just read you heartbreaking story online. I too lost a friend in a very similar way. His name was Dan Lewis and he drowned in a river whilst skinny dipping and under the influence of ketamine. The river used to be a summer heaven, flowing water and lush country side, where lots of us spent large amounts of time. Not many of us went there once this summer, and those of us who did couldn’t bear to swim, even though the water is harmless to those not intoxicated.
    I was so touched by the memorials you have for Louise, and we too have a few for Dan. We also donate to a charity called The Art room in Oxford (where I am from, and where Dan drowned) which Kate Middleton has drawn recent attention to by becoming Patron of the charity.
    I’m not entirely sure why I am sending this message, other than really to just say how much i believe in you cause of making people aware of the dangers or Ketamine, and how it’s not so much the drug consumption which kills, but the sometimes fatal acts people do whilst on it.
    I used to have quite a bad problem with Ketamine myself, and in total have lost 3 friends to heavy usage and a combination of other things. As you can imagine, you would think that would be enough to scare any one from taking it again for life. But the sad fact is, it didn’t, with me, or many of my friends. Only recently when there was a shortage in supply, and a large number of my friends turned to heroin instead as a substitute, did I realised exactly what a waste of life it was, and the gateway drug is was.
    Please continue in your campaign!
    Kerri x

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