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3 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. Miss you miss you my Louise.
    Where have you gone? Have you gone out on your bike again, with lights so bright.
    Your colourful shirt and shiny lipstick and huge smile on your face.
    Off to the local park to see some friends, don’t let the good times end.
    oh Louise, come home, pom pom is waiting for you. It’s Summer again Louise, your favourite time.
    Want you to come and see me at my new flat and cook for you.Don’t understand why you had to go.
    Poor little love, so tiny and so vulnerable but so strong.
    Miss you Louise, please come back again, want to see your pretty face again.

  2. I can’t believe we’ll never get to celebrate our birthdays together this year, or the next, or the next even…. and only you would throw me a surprise ‘happy new liver-versary’ party. You know how much I love you, how much we loved each other: you are my necessity, my equilibrium, and it hurts all the more knowing that if you could glimpse me now, you’d be the only one able to entirely ascertain the depths of my pain. I’m so sorry Louise, but without you I just don’t know what to think, and selfishly cannot yet see through the grief. You knew me. I knew you. We were perfect.

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