On the piste

Friend Susie writes: I couldn’t leave a memory on louisecattell.com – my tech incompetence! – so I thought I’d write the 2 most vivid memories I have of her here.

One is meeting Louise at a station or airport en route to go skiing and she had a purple streak in her hair and the widest smile in the crowd.

In Champoussin there was a double T-bar lift station right below the chalet. One late afternoon Vicky and I were leaning over the chalet’s balcony rail. There was a shortish queue for the lift – probably the last run of the day.  Ross took the lift at his turn, and no one joined him. Suddenly from the right swooped Louise, along the queue and in beside Ross – perfect timing just as the T-bar jerked away.  “Oh, she does love her Daddy” said Vicky.

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