Our darling Louise

19 April: well done Camden New Journal for publicising the attack on the Bench. You can read their article here.

9 March: a huge thank you to everyone who made the memorial gig such a great success on Wednesday including Jeff, all the bands and the music committee. The video of the event is here.

4 March: Vicky writes an article for The Observer newspaper one year on which you can read here.

2 March: one year on and we celebrate the memory of Louise. A lovely surprise this morning is this great film from Rachel which you can see here.

29 February: Tim Arnold, the “Soho Hobo” has recorded a great song about Louise. He has made a lovely video to go with this that you can see at The Soho Hobo website. You can buy the single as a download from iTunes or order a CD from us, signed by Tim, in the beautiful “Andy Warhol style” cover that he designed – click here for details.

30 December: We scattered some of Louise’s ashes down the Swiss Wall, one of the steepest runs in Champery and one of Louise’s favourites. A shaky video is at the bottom of the movies page. I have also created a new page with photos of Louise’s bench and of the memorial in Kensington Gardens.

Thank you to everyone for meeting up by the bench and on Primrose Hill on Louise’s birthday.  Some photos of the evening are on the photos page. There is also a short video of the chaos on Primrose Hill on the movies page.

We found a link to many of Louise’s photos and creations. You can link to it click here . You can see the video of the memorial with all of the performances and our family tributes to Louise together with the many memories and tributes here . Many thanks to everyone who made the memorial such a great success.  Vicky’s Diary of the day is on the Diary section and your tributes under Tributes.  We showed lots of pictures of Louise as a child and growing up at the Memorial and I have loaded many of these into a new gallery on the photos page. Zia, Dot and Zac also took lots of photos at the memorial which are loaded under the Send Off tab.

Vicky’s latest TV appearance was on BBC Breakfast on 21 July. You can watch this on our TV and Radio page here along with an interview by Gabby Logan on “The Wright Stuff Extra” and an appearance on Channel 5 News. Vicky has also been interviewed by both Woman’s Hour and Radio 5 Live. We have loaded both interviews onto the newly named Press and Radio section of the site. BBC London have also run a story which you can find here.

In early July we send off some Magic Lanterns for Louise while up at Binstock in Norfolk. A video is at the bottom of the Movies page along with a great clip that Tim Arnold sent us of Louise on stage with him at Koko back in 2004.

We have started putting some of Louise’s work up on the site – art projects, writing and photos.  The first items are under the “Works” tab.

Three cheers to the FHS girls who have got clearance from Camden to place a memorial bench for Lou outside the Roundhouse.  This will be opposite the Marathon Kebab House – scene of much jolity, parties and late night impromtu performances.

If you are registered and logged on then you can add your own photo on the photo page.

17 thoughts on “Our darling Louise”

  1. Dear Ross & Vicky,
    I don’t suppose you read the Telegraph, but there is an interesting quote from Dorothy Rowe this morning, who said about grief, ” When we love someone our image of that person makes a home inside us, and in it’s own way comforts and guides us until the day we die”.
    I have been thinking a lot lately about how we each cope with the unbearable and things we cannot change. It keeps coming back to me that the depth of our grief is in direct proportion to the love we feel. I do hope that soon, if not now, and forever you can rejoice in and feel comforted by all the love and wonderful times you shared with Louise.
    The buts and if onlys are ultimately futile like so many irritating bugs to be swept away on a summer’s day!
    With all our love, Sarah

  2. Hey Lou,

    So I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently. Your departure has not only brought me closer together with my friends but also brought some old friends back into my life, I will always be grateful for the influence you have had on my life. I feel like you are constantly watching, wherever you are, you’re pushing me in the right direction and I’m really appreciative. Still missing you xxx

  3. Louise, I saw your flat for the first time today. Such a pretty street and a lovely garden which you obviously took great care of. I think your spirit is still there, there was such a strong feeling of happiness in the flat even the radio kept playing songs which reminded me of you, it was quite a comforting feeling. I hope you know how much you are missed but your parting isn’t a “goodbye” its a “see you later”, and I for one am looking forward to it! xx

  4. I read your story in The Guardian and it touched me quite a bit.

    I feel very sorry for you.

    There is one thing I believe you need to confront, though. You said, in the article, that you did not want to learn more about the drug, because it is painful, while at the same time you want to make a viral campaign warning of the dangers.

    I believe that such a campaign needs to be informed by science, and also aimed at how to use the drug safely if one still chooses to use, or recommend other, safer drugs. David Nutt is a very sensible person, who deserves being listened to.

    Most of our problems with drugs stem from the fact that the government is unsuccessfully trying to repress its use, resulting in them also being totally unable to reign in the situation.

    That is why I believe we need to regulate and controll all currently illegal drugs, so that they can be made safer through science and sensible use. Safer drugs than Ketamine should be available.

    You should also not forget, that alcohol is just as dangerous as ketamine. It is only because we are not used to it, that it is perceived as “shocking and foreign”.

    I encourage you to read the book Drug War Politics: The Price of Denial from University of California Press. It will show how drug prohibition stems from a wave of racist hysteria around 1910, in the U.S., and how the so-called “War on Drugs” in many ways resemples the self-perpetuating disaster that is the “War on Terror.” Drug prohibition is primitive. Drugs will always be with us. We need to admit that, and stop the scare campaigns and try and reign in the situation instead of living in denial. That is what could truly have saved your daughter’s life. It is because drugs are prohibited that the most dangerous and concentrated or contaminated drugs reach market – just as was the case during alcohol prohibition.

    Why not get involved with Release, Transform or Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK – three organisations that work for a more sensible drug policy based on openness and regulation rather than denial?

  5. And I said “fly on my sweet angel,
    fly on through the sky,
    fly on my sweet angel,
    tomorrow I’m gonna be by your side”

    Jimi Hendrix – Angel

    I Miss you Louise…


  6. She crossed our lives like a ray of sunshine : with so much light, warmth and discretion at the same time. She illuminated all she touched ; humans and things. It has been a blessing knowing her. I’m sure we’ll meet again, over the rainbow !!

  7. Dear Louise,
    I only met you that once, in the garden at your home. I felt the moment to be special but I didn’t realize HOW special. I was just getting to know your mother and the moment I met you wished so much that you could have met my children. You would have hit it off, especially with David who shares your love of all things wild and wonderful and is into edge arts events (and a BIG ETC.!). Since that time I feel I have come to know you very well, I have pored over your photos, your mother’s comments and those of friends and family on a daily basis… and I have mourned your loss in a way, perhaps, uncommon for someone who only met you that once. What an extraordinary young woman you were, so full of light. The “what might have been” has touched me on a daily basis. We just buried my brother-in-law who had Alzheimers, and for whom each day was a repeat of the one before, nothing remembered, nothing saved. In some ways, your loss, and the daily news of you, has had the same effect… every day a new, nagging sense of what might have been. I have no words of comfort for those who grieve so deeply for you… at such times one wishes to believe that there is a heaven and that you are there, watching over us, sharing your spirit, your light, your unbounded joy in the world. Given the lack of faith in that… we must keep you in our hearts and ask ourselves: “what would Louise have done… with this day, with this opportunity, with this challenge?” For myself, I will take your sense of delight in the world, your sense of living each moment to the fullest, your sense of adventure.. into my heart and try to live likewise… and, perhaps, I will live a little bit for you… in my own world, in my own way. I will certainly try my very best to inculcate your spirit and love of life into mine….. Love, Always and Forever… from the US contingent of your fan club. Big Kiss. X Bonnie

  8. she would be so happy about her garden; she and I planted all the bulbs, we bought the pansies and primulas together – last time I saw her we were stumbling around her garden in the dark, admiring her kiwis…..

  9. Dearest Vicki, Ross and Tommy. I know you’ve already reposted what I wrote about coming home to my flat and thinking that I will see Louise’s smiling face waving at me from the garden. It’s three weeks later now, and that hasn’t really changed. The light is still on in the garden outside her flat, and it reminds me of her presence here – a positive, encouraging, hopeful one – always ready for a chat, a discussion, a pancake party! I miss Louise a lot here – and I know Stef does too. We keep dear, dear memories of her close and have talked about her a lot. You’re right that her memory will live on. And often when I think about her I look up as if to say hello. I want to tell her that her daffodils and pansies have flowered in the garden. They look beautiful and fresh, just like Louise was with her brightly coloured hair. And that is how I will always remember her. All my love to you all, and to Louise – wherever you are. An amazing girl who I’m glad I had the privilege of knowing and spending time with.


  10. i remember my first time meeting louise, and couldnt believe she was only 16??! iremember being at the marathon and mid talking to louise, nathan had a camera and went to take a photo, and louise turned and opened her coat, flasher stylee, winked and carried on talking to me!she was born a star, and always forgave me my drunkenness. and always made one feel like a real friend. still cant delete the messages fro my phone. loved and missed too much xxxxx

  11. Good Morning Louise

    Reality is starting to kick in now. It is 7am and every morning I wake you always come into my mind. Your gorgeous smile…

    I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks flicking through all of your pictures reminiscing about all the love and laugher you brought to all around you, your caring personality, your ability to bring the best out in people. These are all special qualities most would envy at such a young age. I just wish time could be reversed… I wish I could give you one last hug.

    Even in death and grief, there can still be found beauty

    So many people love you Louise and we will all be rejoined to carry on the FUN. I will keep checking in with you on here.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. Is it wrong that I visit your facebook page every day thinking it might not have happened? But soon enough reality hits and I can see that you haven’t updated your status or changed your profile picture, that you really aren’t coming back. I will always remember the last time I saw you, a little bit tipsy after a great night at Proud. You were laughing at life and skipped off merrily down Chalk Farm Road. I didn’t say goodbye, I really wish I had. I think I will still visit everyday, you will never be forgotten xxx

    1. You can comment here as well if you like. I had set up the site with the home page for comments. The other pages are mostly web pages rather than blogs although I have opened up the first tributes page for comments as well as photos. You can also upload photos on the photo page if you are logged on. Ross

  13. Where do I start? Louise, you were one in a million – a girl of such charisma, wealth of knowledge beyond your years and a kind soul who would never heart a fly. In a scene filled with materialism, judging and cynicism you entrance into any venue would light a hundred eyes, you danced like no one was in the room, you photographed through blissful eyes and always met people with such warmth. When I found out, I cried long and hard, no only because of your tragic departure but because you were young and had so much more to give – I wanted to be like you, dress like you and soak some of your confidence – that’s the effect you had on people. I will think about you through the cold winds, hot days and drunken whiskeys – take care ol chum, for life is a cabaret and you’ll dance the night away for ever…. Shola xxxx

  14. With much much love Lou.. Next season just won’t be the same without you. Triple AAA all the way for you darling love maggie (inca) xxx


    What is it that keeps us going
    In this Crazy World–There’s no way of knowing
    I’ll just call her Louise…

    It’s Well I listen when this Dancer’s talkin’
    She always shares what she knows
    Fighting deep in the mines where air is tight
    And Death’s just a broken nose
    So if you got time Lord do me a favour
    I’m asking in rhyme Lord do me a favour
    Give Louise the weekend off

    Now I’m frozen from heat & I’m fried from the cold
    And there’s never enough money for the week
    When I get so’s l’m screwed up & shirking off
    Lou knows how to make me feel cheap
    So if you got time Lord do me a favour
    I’m asking in rhyme Lord do me a favour
    Give Louise the weekend off

    Stu 4 Lou

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