A young friend

Jane writes: I was so fortunate to have your Louise in my life and to consider her a friend, getting to know her in her teens and early adulthood on those lovely family ski-ing and Tobago holidays. She was such infectious fun and always lit up the room  – I’ll never forget us ‘girls’ in the wonderful, warm Caribbean Sea singing away with our swimming costumes on our heads (not on our bodies!), encouraged by Louise and Tobagan rum punches!  Not just fun, she was such a kind and caring person, and I always thought in many ways, wise beyond her years. When I broke my arm over Christmas in Champery she offered to spend days with me while everyone was out ski-ing and regularly checked in on how I was, even from Australia. I treasured those texts from Australia and when my phone was stolen shortly after her death, my immediate reaction was to chase down the road after the young man, screaming at him, that he had stolen irreplaceable text messages from my young friend and that he had to give my phone back. it wasn’t a question of insurance, I wanted the texts and offered the local lads a £250 cash reward for finding it.  I failed to retrieve it of course, but that’s another story. It was such a pleasure, along with my great friend Jane Grisewood, who also adored Louise, to give her advice when she was putting together her application for art school.  She will always be with me, and my heart goes out to the three of you next week.  I look forward to meeting up when we are allowed, to celebrate and remember her short but action packed, memorable life.

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